30 May 2011

A good day at the mailbox

A box of toys came from Rattlehead Games today! 

From Dark Realm Miniatures, the Velum Cruiser.  I selected it to complement the Ravenstar Lief Ericson, and it looks like I called it pretty good.  I see the two ships as representing the product of two different design traditions approaching the same engineer problem -- in my "universe" the problem of wilderness refueling from a gas giant atmosphere.  The Velum comes with a pair of retro-streamlined looking fins that make the resemblance even greater.

From Ninja Magic, two Jun-ila ships, the Huala Frigate (closest) and (in a 3-pack) the Hamuiya Corvette.  Both are clean, symmetrical designs and very nicely cast.  The both (but the Huala especially) strike me as being a great blend of the level of symmetry I expect in a realistic future warship with a real otherness that does not look retro or NASA its origin.  My fleet will need more of these, but right now this is a nice little squadron.

Another view, showing jets that will look right with blazing fusion plasma!

I also picked up a set of Ninja Magic magnetic adapters, and a pack of their general purpose 40mm lead flight bases.  The bases have real heft, and should be able to give good support to maneuvers by pretty hefty ships.  I am looking forward to trying the combinations out.

If your are interested in my future history project, I am blogging it here.  Right now I am working through star-mapping and FTL travel issues.


  1. Hi, I'm beggining on the spaceship gaming as well. Already have some fleets done so I decided to put up a blog about it, too.

    Check it out!


    Hope to see more posts on your blog. Let's know how things are going with your collection!

  2. Matgc, those are nice looking ships! There will be more posts, I am just having a somewhat relaxed summer; painting is great for winter.