30 May 2011

A good day at the mailbox

A box of toys came from Rattlehead Games today! 

From Dark Realm Miniatures, the Velum Cruiser.  I selected it to complement the Ravenstar Lief Ericson, and it looks like I called it pretty good.  I see the two ships as representing the product of two different design traditions approaching the same engineer problem -- in my "universe" the problem of wilderness refueling from a gas giant atmosphere.  The Velum comes with a pair of retro-streamlined looking fins that make the resemblance even greater.

From Ninja Magic, two Jun-ila ships, the Huala Frigate (closest) and (in a 3-pack) the Hamuiya Corvette.  Both are clean, symmetrical designs and very nicely cast.  The both (but the Huala especially) strike me as being a great blend of the level of symmetry I expect in a realistic future warship with a real otherness that does not look retro or NASA its origin.  My fleet will need more of these, but right now this is a nice little squadron.

Another view, showing jets that will look right with blazing fusion plasma!

I also picked up a set of Ninja Magic magnetic adapters, and a pack of their general purpose 40mm lead flight bases.  The bases have real heft, and should be able to give good support to maneuvers by pretty hefty ships.  I am looking forward to trying the combinations out.

If your are interested in my future history project, I am blogging it here.  Right now I am working through star-mapping and FTL travel issues.

09 May 2011

Primed and Basecoat

I followed the primer test approach recommended by AsleepByDay.  Here are the results of the priming

I built the primer up in small coats - the initial coat seemed blotchy and disinclined to adhere well, but the final results, with plenty of cure time, has left excellent detail and stands up to a rub test.
And here is the winning primer (of which I already had a can that was sitting forgotten).  Available at Canadian Tire, cheaper than dirt in both official languages.  I expect as bog-standard a product as you can find

 A black basecoat for the warships.  The detail is more visible than I expected it to be.

And the merchants in ivory.  Getting a convincing result with these will be an interesting exercise.  They need to look commercial and colorful, but not clownish.  And they need to look a bit used.

This image, from the project rho website, is the sort of look I want for the warships.  We will see how well I do.