26 April 2011

First Ships Received

From Ravenstar, two Lief Ericsons.  The flash is minimal; they could probably be prepped with fingernail.

I am not sure what I will use for a notional scale.  The best thought-through reference I could find on the web  offers a "real world" length (based on door heights and other evidence from the original plastic kit) of 170m; so at 7cm overall we would be looking at about a 1:2500 scale.  Not that I feel bound by that.

 Another image.  I just love the detail.  My current thought on final painting is a near-black relieved by a few bright points and details -- possibly using some 10mm heraldic decals I have around here somewhere.

In my Future History these will be long range cruisers, able to refuel by scooping hydrogen from a Gas Giant (per Mote in God's Eye and Traveller).
 Then I have three Omega destroyers from Behrle Hubbuch III (who posts on the Star Ranger forum).

According to the B5 wiki an Omega is 1.7 km long (that show did *not* think small) which gives these lads a scale of 1:25000.

 In my future (I find myself wanting to type IMTU but I am not doing exactly a Traveller universe) there will be no artificial gravity, and technology will be in a state of rapid flux.  These ships will represent low-thrust passenger ships with spin-gravity.   I will probably paint them in an airline (or turn of the century ocean liner) inspired civilian livery; for some scenarios they may be troopships, but that happens to civilian liners in wartime anyway.
And here are two together, merchant and escort perhaps?

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